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2006 sampe senior student design competitions

SAMPE TeamWe have the results from the 2006 SAMPE Student Design Competitions. UCSB did quite well again this year.

In the Lightweight Bridge competition there were several categories. We had 2 student teams compete in the Carbon Fiber/non-kit class. One of our teams won this class. The University of Washington and West Washington had teams finish 2nd and 3rd. This is the second year in a row that we have won this class!

In the Lightweight Wing Competition there was a student competition and professional category. We had 2 student teams compete. One of our teams finished in 5th place. The winning team was from the University of Washington followed by multiple teams from the University of Maryland.

The winning UCSB Bridge team also finished 3rd place in the overall Student Poster Competition. Congratulations to Ryan Berquist, Danny Clemons, and Tom Wang for their efforts and achievements.

Congratulations to all of our teams for their efforts. They represented UCSB quite well. We are proud of their performance.

The efforts of Steven Kiefer, TA for ME189, was once again instrumental in our performance and achievements. Our continued success is a reflection on the excellent efforts and guidance of Prof. Keith Kedward.  

Read the article that appeared on the front page of the Daily Nexus, Friday, May 12, 2006 [PDF]


Baja Team

Our Mechanical Engineering Baja Car Team (one of the ME 189 capstone projects) traveled up north May 13 to compete in the Mini Baja Competition in Portland, OR and Washougal, WA.

Some key results:

Chain DriveThe team placed 33rd overall (out of 84 teams), which is based on several events: a 4-hour endurance race, a hill climb, a rock climb, a maneuverability course, a straight acceleration, and the design & technical aspects of the vehicle.

On the endurance course, our team placed 17th overall.

Our USSB team beat out these institutions: UCLA, Purdue, UIUC, and Georgia Tech. Way to go!

The photo at right shows the team's unique chain drive, which drew a lot of looks from competitors and judges.


New Venture Competition Winners One of our Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Teams created a medical device that won $10,000 in the UCSB New Venture Competition held on Friday, May 26, 2006.

The device is a laryngoscope, with a built-in suction system, which is used to place a ventilation tube in the windpipe of an unconscious patient.  This laryngoscope is designed to save time and lives in critical emergency situations.

The design team is calling its proposed company Emergency Medical Technologies.


The team members who designed this device for ME 189 are Nate Lovell, Scott Perry, Emily Olsen, Ryan Jaques, and Jessica Nelson.

Read the article that appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press, May 27, 2006 [PDF].

Congratulations to our extremely talented Mechanical Engineers!

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